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Learning Through Horses results in real-time learning that translates back to the job.
This workshop focuses on individual Change Styles (CQ).  It provides a framework for understanding the valuable ingredients for Change, Planning, People Impact and Process.  This case study provides insights that one team gained using the reflections of horses to help them be more effective as individuals and change leaders.
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Gerri with her Equine Learning Horse Julie

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“Encouraging – knowledgeable – love her!! Awesome at debriefing and linking.” “Knowledgeable, energetic, insightful.”
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“Opportunity to experience having a different lens on yourself in a totally different environment— learning about self & others (both people and horses).”
“…my big after-the-fact AHA is that not everything that seems unpredictable actually is (like a horse) and that I don’t necessarily need to fear unpredictability, just be aware, balanced and ready to respond confidently and appropriately –same as horses.”
“Opportunity to learn more about myself and how I coach and lead through a deeper awareness— mind, body, and spirit.”
Helpful Articles
In my journey to establish a relationship with my horse, Julie…
I found that it taught me a lot about myself and relationships in general. Through watching and learning the subtleties of the horse's body language, it communicates a lot about how to establish a bonding, collaborative relationship. You establish a leadership position where the horse wants to follow and to be with you.
I developed my equine workshops to allow leaders to also experience this wonderful balance of leadership confidence yet gentle relationship skills. It truly is powerful to experience this and see how it can be transferred back to the workplace.
These workshops focus on many leadership skills including refining relational skills, trust, confidence and collaboration. Putting these altogether, it is a powerful team building opportunity as well.
video about relationships with horses and riders will help you see the beauty of this experience.
Click to read about Gerri Steadman and the Learning Through Horses program in the latest issue of ULTIMATE MAGAZINE!
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Thanks to everyone that attended our Workshop and Open House with
Dr. Barbara Trautlein!

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Barbara Trautlein, PhD, author of Change Intelligence joins Gerri in the Learning Through Horses Class on October 8.

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Workshops are held at the Bit of Hope Ranch in Gastonia, NC.

For interest in the workshops, or questions
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As an avid horse rider and owner, I have long understood how much I have had to change my own communication methods in order to effectively partner with my horse. It is a feeling of pure joy when riding my brown and white paint horse, Julie, when I take lead and we are in sync in our communication. The ability to be a confident leader, while allowing her the flexibility to safely partner with me in our ride together is like a magical dance.

Riding a horse is a similar experience to an effective team. The team is focused on the same course and know each other’s strengths and roles. Through experience together, there is a high degree of trust…it’s pure harmony of shared leadership.

As keenly aware prey animals who have survived over centuries because of their great sensitivity to their environment and their ability to flee from dangerous situations, horses can provide leaders immediate, unfiltered feedback. Horses are social, they have distinct roles and direction which accounts for their survival over the years. Observation of the horse’s commitment to their herd and their interactions is a powerful metaphor about which a leader may learn.

Equine Assisted Coaching is an experiential process that provides leaders and teams direct interactions with horses. While this is on the ground versus on horseback, this experience allows horses to provide impactful, immediate feedback to individuals interacting with them.

As a coach, each individual is afforded the opportunity to learn from their experience through inquiry and debriefing. Sessions may be one-on-one or in a group where they also learn from one-another. It is amazing to see the impact that horses can have on individuals and the learning they take away from sessions.

Leadership Learning through Horses
Equine Assisted Learning programs are designed for specific teams or individuals in achieving desired goals. These leadership sessions are conducted at a local stable, with horses, trusted to interact with people.
During group sessions, activities are designed for individuals to interact with the horses allowing participants to:
  • Gain valuable feedback about themselves
  • Learn effective relationship skills.
  • Learn effective leadership skills
  • Learn effective team skills.
  • Gain a renewed understanding and a stronger confidence of themselves.
  • Learn tools that are applicable back at the workplace to maximize transfer of learning.

Learning Through Horses Workshop!

The ‘Wild Ride’ of Change and Transitions

This workshop will provide you self- awareness about your personal style including your strengths and blind spots. The DISC and ChangeQ assessments will be used to provide you some self-insights. Understanding these assessments allow you to interact more effectively with others and your work team.

Horses are incredible animals who over years survival have developed a keen instinct to very quickly assess situations. The horses will become your teaching partners and provide you with some important insights about your style. Through some special interactions with horses you will receive valuable feedback and experience directly related to how you handle relationships in transitional situations.

Through interaction with horses you:

• Learn your personal behavioral and change styles using assessments to identify your strengths and blind spots.

• Identify keys to change, planning, relationships, and process.

• Become a better transition team player understanding what strengths you bring and to recognize the value of others.

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