Our mission is to develop dynamic, authentic leaders

Synergistic Coaching exemplifies our partnership as a coach with leaders to assist them in their leadership growth at a rate far more significant than if they pursue development independently.

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Synergistic Coaching

We partner with leaders to achieve positive, lasting change in leadership performance and effectiveness. The leaders we coach have already reached a high level of success, and coaching is a focus “to tweak” and refine areas having the most significant impact on team and organizational success. The goal is to elevate the leader to perform at their best.
Our name, Synergistic Coaching, refers to the synergistic relationship between the coach and the leader. The coach is a sounding board and accountability partner, allowing the leader to experience more significant results than if the leader is left alone to address their goals; this is the “synergy” that coaching provides.
A development plan is created to address targeted, primary goals. New behaviors, thoughts, approaches, or skills are explored through coaching session discussions, thought-leader models, articles/books, and feedback.


Develop Authentic,

Effective Leadership Team

Executive Coaching

Many executives reach a level where they cannot think "out loud" or have someone with whom they can confidentially think through ideas and challenges;

Through coaching you will:

EXPLORE more self-awareness and understanding of other perspectives

EMPHASIZE strengths, values, personal mission, leadership skills, and growth opportunities

EXAMINE your leadership behaviors, emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, and relational skills by gaining new information and approaches

EXPERIENCE laser-focused results expediently with the coach as a trusted, thinking and accountability partner and develop new strategies and approaches to everyday situations and challenges that are sustainable
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New Position Coaching

New Position Coaching is specifically for a leader taking on a new position, new responsibilities, or project leadership within the same or a new organization.

New Position Coaching

New Position Coaching is specifically for a leader taking on a new position, new responsibilities, or project leadership within the same or a new organization. Taking on a new role is both exciting and stressful as an executive is placed into a new situation with expectations to make a quick impact. Coaching will assist the new leader in exploring and providing a framework to understand the criteria necessary to be immediately effective. Building a solid foundation will ensure a much more productive, effective executive.
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Development Coaching

Several assessments will be vital in assisting the executive leader in identifying growth opportunities by providing valuable information and feedback to the leader.

Development Coaching

A cornerstone assessment includes an "Interactive 360," which is conducted in one-on-one interviews by the coach, and a thorough report summarizes the themes and suggested developmental actions.

Studies have shown that investing in the right people in the correct position will maximize the organizations' returns on the investment to develop them. Leadership Developmental Coaching invests in leaders who show strong potential in holding future leadership positions through the key indicators of abilities, social skills, and drive. These individuals are sometimes categorized as High-Potential Candidates as identified in the organization's talent identification process.
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Our Workshop

Learning Through Horses

“I came away chastened, sensitized and more thoughtful about interactions with people and animals. As an introvert and analytic type, I was reminded of the importance of the nonverbal cues which are so key in understanding behavior.”

“Opportunity to experience having a different lens on yourself in a totally different environment and learning about self & others (both people and horses).”

“My big after-the-fact Ah Ha is that not everything that seems unpredictable actually is (like a horse) and that I don’t necessarily need to fear unpredictability, just be aware, balanced, and ready to respond confidently and appropriately—same of horses.”

As a horse owner and enthusiast, I had an ah-ha one day when I was in a riding lesson.  I was frustrated that the horse was not doing what I wanted her to do.  Then I suddenly realized that I clearly was not communicating my intentions.

“As a coach, Gerri is a deep listener, curious, thoughtful, versatile, and very resourceful. There are a million executive coaches out there, but Gerri doesn’t follow a single methodology, as she tailors her approach to the client she’s working with. What she did with me was unique to my work environment, my specific needs, and the feedback she got from my 360 review that she did.” AVP Research in a Health System in North Carolina – MK

VP Operations, Hospital in Southeast – CM

“I honestly think that I’m sitting in this new seat that I’m in today because of meeting Gerri at the right time in my life. Gerri was laying foundations when she taught me all the things that she did about executive presence and impulse control and managing confidence and dealing with communications. That’s what increased my getting noticed, promotions, and lots of positive comments from my leadership team that I work directly with.”

Physician, Chief of Staff in North Carolina – MS, M.D.

I really think Gerri has a lot of experience that was invaluable. I also felt like it was important for me to have someone who understood what it was like to be a physician and her experience working with physicians; and also frankly for just being married to a physician really helped. I think it would be hard for me to go to a coach who had no idea of some of the complexities of being a physician–your sense of what you’ve sworn in oath to and having a license you have to live up to.”

Physician, Director Post-Acute Care in North Carolina – MP, D.O.

“I think that Gerri was very flexible in her approach to things and adapted to changes.  Gerri helped my (Admin) partner and I improve in our ability to work together and bounce off each other, improving the strength of our network.”

Project Manager in a Credit Union in Texas – IR

“Gerri is approachable, professional and highly knowledgeable, not only in the arena of coaching, but she also brought her expertise on human resources to our discussions which I found to be a bonus and invaluable. She added the perspective of having balance.”

System Administrative Director Outpatient Cancer Care in Virginia – LK

“Through the tools and skills, she was able to help me develop self-awareness, self-regulation, building relationships, looking for areas of agreement and looking at the big picture.  I was able to shift my focus away from what wasn’t working well to finding a way to make my situation work well, and I don’t think I would have gotten through this time period of my career without her help. At least not as successfully.”

Something I learned through coaching that has been much value in communicating with needs to Hospital Administration: ”The way I prepare for things and the way I do things is different. For example, in preparing for a meeting, in the past, it would entail what I wanted to accomplish and it was really one-sided and now I’ll look at the other side.   I ask myself what is it that the other person can see and help me with for the demands that I would bring to them.  Using that frame of reference and instead of being needy or demanding, I recognize that we have mutual needs and that the burden level of my demands at that point become minimized.” Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon, Chief of Staff of Hospital in GA – SE, M.D



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